Capitol Volkssport Club
Olympia, WA

CVC Photo Gallery

Winlock YRE at Winlock, WA
September 24, 2010

CVC and friends and the World's Largest Egg
Heading out in Winlock
Winlock Community Hall
One of many historic homes
The creek from the bridge
En route around the bend
House as replica Winlock train station
Giant chicken #1
The John Adams House
John Adams House garden
Shortcut to uptown
Lawn tractor high and dry
Giant chicken #2
A calf on an IV
Walking in the country
Checking the directions
Uptown vacant lot
A spectacular uptown garden
Uptown garden closeup
Barn and distant hills
The road not taken - where does it go?
$98,500 and it's yours
On the shortcut to downtown
Giant chicken #3
Winlock City Hall and more chickens
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