What is CVC?

The Capitol Volkssport Club of Olympia, Washington, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting public health, fun, recreation and fellowship through non-competitive walking and biking events. Membership is open to all.

What is an event?

A volkssport event is usually a 6.2 mile (10km) walk. It is often through a scenic or historical area designed to appeal to all ages. It is not a contest for speed or endurance. The walks are rated 1 (easy) thru 5 (very difficult).

What are Year Round Events?

In addition to the scheduled events on particular weekdays and weekends, the Capitol Volkssport Club also sponsors walks that can be done anytime. They are called year round events and are open all year long. We currently sponsor 14 year round walking events and 1 bike event. We also sponsor 2 Seasonal events (open part of the year).

What are Seasonal Events?

Seasonal events are events that you theoretically could do anytime, were it not for some contraint that makes the event impractical or undesirable at certain times of the year. One of our events is seasonal because the trail involved is very muddy in the winter, hence difficult to negotiate then. The other seasonal event takes place partly in a wildlife refuge, where bird hunting is allowed at certain times of the year, so walking is not advisable during those times.

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