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Lacey Town YRE (newly revised) at Lacey, WA
January 13, 2011

CVC and friends headed out on a rainy Thursday morning to do the recently-revised Lacey Town YRE. We managed to do so mostly in the dry, except for the last half hour or so, which was really quite damp ...

The group at the start point, Lacey Safeway
Heading out
St. Martin himself
St. Martins's Ponds
Geese on St. Martin's Ponds
Walking by St. Martin's Ponds
Leaving the Ponds
A Station of the Cross
The (sort of) Clock Tower
The Lacey Library
Sign for St. Martin's University
Tree walk at St. Martin's
Giant Sequoias
The Lacey Post Office
Lacey Rail Trail
A pond by the Lacey Rail Trail
Woodland Creek
The pond at Woodland Creek Park
Woodland Creek Park Geese
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