Capitol Volkssport Club
Olympia, WA

CVC Year Round Event - Olympia West Side Hills Walk

The Olympics from the start point
Seven Oars Park
Garfield Nature Trail
Westside rhodies

Event: Olympia West Side Hills Walk

ESVA Challenges: 39 Counties (Thurston)

AVA Special Programs: Bridges - Spanning the USA,State Capital, Take a Walk In a City Park, Walking America's Ports of Call

AVA Sanction#/Distance/Rating: 110079 2018/Y1967 - 10K Rated 2B

Description: Walk up hills, through parks, through neighborhoods and along water front for views and a good workout on Olympia's Westside. Carry water.

The Capitol from West Bay Park
Olympia Yacht Club from West Side hills
Decatur Woods Park
Classic West Side house

Start/End Location: Bayview Thriftway Deli at 516 W 4th Ave., Olympia (lots of food choices, plus a local coffee bar)

Driving Directions: From I-5, take Exit # 105B, Port of Olympia. Southbound merges onto Plum St. Northbound turns left onto Plum St. Continue several blocks on Plum St., then turn left onto State Street. Follow State St. to the waterfront, where it turns left; go right at the roundabout onto 4th Avenue. Bayview Thriftway is on the right, just before the Fourth Avenue Bridge. The Deli and walk box are in the back of the store, on the left side.

Start/Finish Times: Daily - 8:00 AM to Dusk. Bayview Thriftway is closed on Christmas.

Accessability/Amenities: Not possible for strollers or wheelchairs. Pets are allowed. Restrooms are at the start point.

Point of Contact: Jeanne at 360-790-4600 or via e-mail to

Starting Point: Bayview Thriftway at 516 W 4th Ave., Olympia
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