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CVC Year Round Event - Olympia Woodard Bay Trail

Chehalis Western Trail Entrance
Trailside Pond
You Can't Always See Where
You Are Going ...
Heron rookery
(2K Overlook option)

Event: Olympia Woodard Bay Trail

ESVA Challenges: 39 Counties Second Edition - Thurston County; Womb to Tomb (hospitals - south route only); Restaurants (American)

AVA Special Programs: Boardwalks, Bridges, Honoring Our Flag, National Register of Historic Places, Volcanoes

AVA Sanction#/Distance/Rating: 105860 2017/Y1009 - 5K and 10K (rated 1A) route on the Chehalis Western Trail, with additional 2K Overlook Trail (Rated 1B) and 5K Woodard Bay Natural Resources Area (rated 1C) options.

Description: Walk paved rail trail through farmlands and forests for either 5K or 10K.

The additional 2K option goes into a wooded overlook area with a view of Woodard Bay, with seasonal closure of Apr 1-Aug 15 to protect nesting blue herons.

The additional 5K option in Woodard Bay Natural Resources Area is open year-round. There is a bark trail with steps and boardwalk through the woods, and a paved trail to Chapman Bay overlook on the return. The area is designated on the NRHP as Weyerhaeuser South Bay Log Dump Rural Historic Landscape. Wildflowers are plentiful in season. Also look for great blue herons, eagles, and harbor seals.

A new 10 K option travels south on the Chehalis Western Trail to Providence St. Peter Hospital.

Woodard Bay trail map
(5K Woodard Bay NA option)
A nursery for bats
(5K Woodard Bay NA option)
Chapman Bay bench
(5K Woodard Bay NA option)
Stairs In The Woods
(5K Woodard Bay NA option)

Start/End Location: South Bay Market – 3425 Shincke Road, Olympia.

Driving Directions:

From I-5 Northbound: Take Exit 107. Turn RIGHT on Pacific Ave. Get in LEFT lane and turn LEFT at 2nd light onto Lilly Rd. Drive 2.8 miles. Turn LEFT onto South Bay Rd. South Bay Market is on RIGHT at corner of South Bay Rd and Shincke Rd.

From I-5 Southbound: Take Exit 109. Turn RIGHT on Martin Way. Continue driving west on Martin Way for 1.2 miles. Turn RIGHT onto Lilly Rd, and continue driving north on Lilly Rd for 2.5 miles. Turn LEFT onto South Bay Rd. South Bay Market is on Right at corner of South Bay Rd and Shincke Rd. The walk box is at the far end of the service counter.

Start/Finish Times: Daily - Dawn to Dusk.

Accessability/Amenities: Medium difficulty for strollers and wheelchairs on the 10K only, not possible on any of the optional extensions. Pets are allowed, on the Chehalis Western Trail parts of the walk ONLY. Pets are not allowed on any of the optional extensions (within the conservation areas). Restrooms are at the start point, 2 K into the trail, in the parking lot at Woodard Bay, and at the turn-around at Woodard Bay Natural Area. On the southern route restrooms are located at Group Health and Providence St. Peter Hospital.

Point of Contact: Bonnie at 360-491-4767 or via e-mail to

Starting Point: South Bay Market at 3425 Shincke Road, Olympia
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