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Olympia, WA

CVC Year Round Event - Olympia Evergreen State College Walk

Evergreen State College Entrance
The Library
Through the woods
The Longhouse

Event: Olympia Evergreen State College Walk

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AVA Sanction#/Distance/Rating: 105537 2017/Y0657 - 10K – Rated 2C

Description: The Evergreen'State College is the first public four-year college created in Washington in the 20th century. The first day of classes was on October 4, 1971 with 1178 students. The campus contains a large tract of undeveloped land along the Puget Sound waterfront, much of it being second growth evergreen forest, which is of use to the students and faculty of the campus as a research and natural area. The entire campus comprises about 1008 acres, much of it forested land. This total includes 27 acres of southern Puget Sound tidelands. In addition to the main campus, there is also an organic farm. Walk through the campus on sidewalks and maintained paths with some stairs.

Fall colors on the campus
A variety of outdoor sculpture

Start/End Location: Westside Safeway - 3205 Harrison Ave. NW, Olympia.

Driving Directions: From I-5 at Olympia (both Northbound and Southbound), take Exit #104 to US 101 North. Take Black Lake Blvd northbound exit and get into the left turn lane ASAP. Turn left on Cooper Point Rd. Stay on Cooper Point Rd. to Harrison (about 1 mile). Just before the signal at Harrison, move into the left turn lane and turn left into the Safeway parking lot. Park in the lot, away from the store entrance.

Start/Finish Times: Daily, from dawn until dusk.

Accessability/Amenities: Not possible for strollers or wheelchairs. Pets are allowed, but need to be on a leash. Restrooms are at the start point and in the Evergreen State College Library.

Point of Contact: Perki at 360-459-8167 or via e-mail to

2011 Starting Point: Westside Safeway - 3205 Harrison Ave. NW, Olympia
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